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Do you have your ignition switch keys locked up? Do you need services on the ignition of your car? Has your key cylinder given way? Is your electronic ignition switch damaged? We, at the Locksmith North Miami Gardens Florida locksmith, can help you get rid of all these problems. We can provide very high quality service just like your dealership. Our company also offers repairs on the locking mechanism, replacing the cylinders or making new programmed keys. If your key has bent or breaks, we can also restore it. We can provide you all these services with no hassles.

Key duplication services for you from skilled locksmiths

Do you keep misplacing all your home, office or vehicle keys often? Have you installed new locks with only one original key? Do you need to create back up keys for your home or office? The skilled locksmiths are here to help you with their very neat, quick and efficient Key duplication. You should choose the locksmiths here at our team, because we provide you with very neat and high quality services as the result of our very hard and professional training. We also offer unbeatable low prices on every service form us.

Lockout services provided at their best by Rey Bros Locks in Miami Gardens

Is your toddler caught up inside a room with the keys inside it? Are you locked out of your own home in your sleeping clothes and fluffy slippers? A lockout situation can be very embarrassing, very hurting, very dangerous or just very bad. Rey Bros Locksmith Miami Gardens can provide you the very best lockout services in your home or car. You can count on our quality and efficiency, because we are thoroughly certified. If you lost your keys too, we can make new ones. We are ready to rescue anyone caught up with the best ethics and friendliness.

Get the lowest priced services on the Magnetic locks by the expert locksmith in Miami Gardens

Do you have problems with the magnetic locks installed on your offices? Is your home magnetic lock not functioning well? Do you have many petty thefts in your office due to improper security system? A magnetic lock can help you keep your family and things very safe. If there are any problems with your locks, we are here to help you. We can offer good service on the buzzer entry systems on doors. Rey Bros Locks in Miami Gardens can also provide maintenance services to help you maintain your magnetic locks.

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