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If your key is broken, that is a problem. If you cannot open your door for some reason, that is a huge misfortune. If you find your door open and your lock broken, it is a grief. We know that these moments of vulnerability should not be extended. Rey Bros Locks Port Richey, FL’s 24/7 service makes sure that your moments of distress are as short as possible. We are there for you, just call us. Make sure that you note our number right now: 305-901-6262. We hope that you won’t ever need it. But when you do, count on us.

Lockout services from locksmith in Port Richey, FL

Imagine that you are running errands or you are about to finish your shopping trip to the mall. You are already thinking about going home, making order and opening that nice bottle of red wine you have just bought. But oooops, you realize that you have lost your keys or worse, you see them sitting right inside – and the car is perfectly locked. No worries though, there is a Rey Bros Locks in Miami and Port Richey, FL for you, providing instant lockout services! Save the number right now: 305-901-6262. Call us, and you’ll be sipping that wine in a jiffy.

Port Richey, FL locksmith offers high quality gun locks to all gun owners

Are you a proud American gun owner? Tell us: do you keep it safe or just in a drawer somewhere in your bedroom? What if your children decide to do a little exploration in your apartment? What if they find your gun and begin to play with it? We read horror stories about such accidents and misadventures almost every day – don’t we? If you want to know your loved ones in security, Rey Bros Locks Port Richey, FL offers you high quality gun locks that only you can open. Do not waste time, avert the disaster. Call us today!

Rey Bros Locks, masters of key duplication

A new apartment complex? Or just a new apartment? A new boyfriend, a new girlfriend, an in-law, or a significant other moving in? Renting a room? Taking boarders? Or just simply receiving guests for an extended period of time? If that is the case, you will surely need a few additional keys to the property – and a good, reliable locksmith who is capable of quick key duplication. The good news is that we can do the duplications for you just as quickly as we do all our services! If you need bulk duplications, consult our colleagues for potential discounts, too.
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