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Repairing padlocks may be taken lightly by some people. But we at Rey Bros Locks in Miami understand the importance of the job and take it seriously. Padlocks have a sturdy structure and are designed to have a long life. If they are not repaired with the right skills and care they need, the locks may not function smoothly. The person who repairs these locks should understand their components and know how to fix any problem with any of these components. Our expert locksmiths are given intense training in repairing padlocks. For your padlocks to function smoothly and have a long life, contact us.

Keys radio-dispatched – Another unique feature of our services

We have a reputation for fast and efficient service in repairing of your locks and keys. We keep improving our services through improvisation and implementation of new ideas. Radio-dispatching your locks and keys to you after repairing them is another feather in our cap. Not many people will go as far as we do in improving our customer service on a constant basis. Rey Bros Locksmith Miami is a name you can trust not only for the best service for your locks but also for speedy service. When your keys are to be taken to our workshops for service, they will be radio-dispatched to you.

Want to have your safes and vaults opened? Safeguard yourself against the risks

Are you aware of the risks involved in getting your safes and locks opened by someone, when you don’t have the keys? The first risk is that the person who tries to do the job may not be able to do it at all. You may have to call some other person. The second risk is that he may do a bad job of it. The safe will have been opened but the lock will have been damaged resulting in your having to go for a new lock at a very high cost. Call Rey Bros Locks in Miami to safeguard yourself against these risks.

Are your transponder keys not working? We are here to help you

Transponder keys are the products of the microprocessor era and are programmed to work in specified ways. What happens if your transponder key doesn’t work for some reason? Should you throw the key and buy a new one not minding the high cost? Or can you get it repaired? The first option is quite expensive. You can go for the second option only if you can find someone reliable who can fix the problem. Rey Bros Locks in Miami, who have a reputation for repairing all kinds of keys can repair your transponder keys also. Call us at 305-901-6262 for repairing your transponder keys.

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