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What will you do if your ignition switch keys get stuck? There may be a minor problem of the key not turning or a more serious problem of the keys getting stuck. Sometimes getting a duplicate key made will solve the problem. But if the key is stuck, it has to be taken out without damaging the ignition key system. Rey Bros Locks locksmith in Downtown Miami will be able to take care of all your ignition switch key problems. We know about all kinds of keys, whether they are simple door keys or ignition switch keys. We can repair the lock or make a new key.

Getting your keys copied can be a tricky job

Some jobs look easy because it is done by a lot of people. But there is a difference between how the job is done by a professional and by an amateur. If you want your keys copied, get the job done by Rey Bros Locksmith Miami. Precision is an important quality of a key. Only a key that has the exact structure of the original will serve your lock well. A duplicate key lacking in precision will cause a strain on the lock every time it is used, also leading to the malfunctioning of the lock after sometime. Avoid this by getting our help.

Let your magnetic locks be repaired by people who understand their technology

Whom will you turn to for repairing your magnetic locks in the first place? If you think all locks are the same and entrust the job to a conventional locksmith, you should be prepared for the magnetic lock becoming unusable. Unskilled handling of this kind of a lock by someone who doesn’t understand the technology behind this lock may make the magnet powerless. Or the magnet may get stuck with some part of the lock. Play safe by taking the services of Rey Bros Locks locksmith in Downtown Miami who know how to handle different kinds of locks. We also have technicians who know as much about magnetism as about lock mechanism.

New locks installation – Do it well to make your locks function smoothly

When you buy a new lock, you will expect it to last long and function smoothly. But sometimes, a new lock will start giving problems within a short time. You may think the quality of the lock you bought is not good. But the problem may be due to faulty installation. How you install a lock will decide how well it functions. Factors like alignment, angular positions etc. are significant for a lock’s functioning. Rey Bros Locksmith in Miami, the experts on locks can do the new locks installation in a professional way. To be free from problems, call us at 305-901-6262 for installing new locks.

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