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Locksmith Delray Beach

Now you can call Rey Bros Locks Delray Beach, FL at any time of the day or the night. Our 24/7 service tends to accommodate your locksmithing needs wherever you are. If you are stuck in a parking lot because of having lost your keys somewhere in the shopping mall then don’t get frustrated because we will make a duplicate key for you in a matter of minutes. Do not feel uneasy about your keys with a stranger because our locksmiths are trained and trusted for the job that they do. We make sure that we send our staff in teams in order to prevent collusion of any kind.

Round the clock Car lockout services by locksmith Delray Beach, FL

Car lockout services by Rey Bros Locks Delray Beach, FL are available on a round the clock basis because this kind of emergency can happen anywhere and at any time. We realize the problem that a locked out car becomes. Sometimes it is because of a lost key and at times it is no one’s but the car’s fault. The lock just won’t turn and it won’t let you in. That happens when the locks get old and rusty so regular maintenance of your car locks is also important. For repair, maintenance or replacement of locks, you can call us.

Get gun locks for safety from Rey Bros Locks Delray Beach, FL

In order to ensure that your guns are safe, you should add gun locks to them and have them installed by a trusted locksmith Delray Beach, FL like us. Who has heard of safe guns? By that we mean that if you are showing your gun to someone or getting it cleaned then it shouldn’t go off accidentally. It would only kill or injure someone and you don’t want that to happen. So keep what is meant to keep you safe in perfect order so that it can keep doing its duty. At our company we provide, supply and even install locks for any gun that you may have.

Key duplication made easier with Rey Bros Locks in Delray Beach, FL

Key duplication of your car key by Rey Bros Locks Miami in Delray Beach, FL has a tendency to make you uneasy. As you see someone duplicating the key to your car with such skill, you are bound to get a little jittery. Is it so easy? Well, we understand your concern that is why our HR procedures are stringent and strict. We don’t employ a locksmith unless we are sure of their perfectly clean history. They have no criminal record or any tendencies towards theft. We would not risk the security of your possessions in the name of business so when you hire us, don’t worry.

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