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Some Customer Stories

I moved into a new place. The doors were strong but the locks were crap. It was a disaster waiting to happen. Someone could easily break in and just rob the place. Peace of mind is worth the money. I didn’t know the exact amount of locks for all the window and doors. The locksmith that came over did an inspection and made recommendations for the windows and doors.




” It was the middle of the night. I heard a crash from downstairs. A bunch robbers broke into the house and grabbed all sorts of stuff and ran out. We got lucky that it could have been a lot worse but that those locks were crap and put us in danger. My family and I needed something seriously heavy duty. We got the strongest locks there were. This locksmith has got the heavy duty stuff. The serious locks that would stop a bear. Don’t wait to be in that situation where you also don’t have strong locks. Get the locks early and prevent future robberies.




For a while I thought I had everything. I had a swinging bachelor pad in the middle of the city, a cool job, and for awhile a really cute girl friend. She was young and full of energy but a little crazy. The crazy was fun for a while and I thought it was kind of a good quality.  It seemed like things were going well but then you have one of those moments. Those moments tend to add up. For us those moments were really adding up. I don’t think she was noticing these moments as much as I was.

I had to end this because we were just becoming more and more unhappy with each other. To her I thought it made sense. For some reason I thought of her as pretty reasonable and understanding. It did not occur to me to ask for my spare key back.  She was still my friend and it doesn’t hurt to have a friend with a spare key.

So a month goes by and I come home one night with a new lady friend. We get to my room and there was my ex-girl friend. Waiting in my bed wearing only my favorite shirt. My X gets out of bed and slaps me with accusations of cheating on her and calling my new girl friend a slut.  Then my new girl friend slaps me and calls me a pig. They both storm off.

That night I called the lock smiths and had my locks changed. It was a good decision because later that night as I sat on the ouch icing my face I heard some trying to open the door. I knew it was my X. Trying to get back in with the old key.
Locksmiths are also the untold heroes of the broken hearted. ”


-Alfred .K

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