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About Locksmith Miami

During the 80s there was a crime wave in Florida that threatened the exhausted the the police force and threatened the average resident of the area. That was when Rey Bros began developing their residential locksmith skills. He wanted to test out what locks were the strongest and safest for securing the home. His commercial locksmith business began as a service to his community to help his neighbors secure their home. Rey Bros wanted to offer the best locksmith service at the lowest price possible.

100% Mobile Locksmith Service in Miami 24 Hours 7 Days a Week

It became apparent that simple business hours were not enough to protect Miami. The services needed to be expanded to all hours of the night. Over time Rey Bros became known as the Emergency Locksmith in Miami. Our technicians are standing by to assist with all kinds of lock problems in at any hour. Accidental lock outs can be annoying but when a Rey Bros Locks is called then the problem can be solved as quickly as possible. There is no reason to feel locked out of your home when Rey Bros has a locksmith near by.
Locksmith in Miami

The Strongest Installation by a Qualified Locksmith in Miami

Any lock purchased for less than 100 dollars can easily be picked by any half wit. There is no reason to put your home at risk because of a poor investment in a lock. Also, a lock is only as strong as the installation. A residential locksmith in Miami should offer no less than the strongest installation possible. There is no reason to expect anything less and that is why when you call we can assure satisfaction. All our technicians can give a quote before they begin working. They are also able to make recommendations for the most suitable door defense system.

100% Mobile Automotive Locksmiths in Miami, FL

Our automotive locksmiths can reprogram key transponders and are able to repair damaged ignitions. They are completely mobile with an array of tools able to assist with any car key or car ignition problems. This includes transponder reprogramming, car key duplication, car key repair, and ignition repair. The modern car has an array of security designed to protect it from theft which makes the job of the auto-locksmith more difficult. Due to our relationship with car companies our technicians have the tools necessary to assist with all problems with car keys and locks.

The Complete Emergency Locksmith

Rey Bros Locks in Miami, FL has a technician available for all lock and key emergencies at all hours of the day. A talented locksmith representative is standing by to take your calls and assign any job to a locksmith near by. Everyone of our locksmiths have the skills necessary and tools required for satisfaction of the customer. There is no reason to expect anything less from Rey Bros. Miami is our neighborhood and ever technician wants to work at improving the life of their home. A strong home is not complete without a strong lock.

A Home Called Miami

We work hard to make it a safer place for all our neighbors. Trust in our residential locksmiths. This is their home and for their home they want nothing but the strongest locks and installations. Our installation is the strongest installation possible and creates the most secure and safest lock. This protects your home and makes Miami a safer place. Our customers have the greatest peace of mind and security from a qualified Rey Bros Locks Miami FL.
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