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Peephole installation – not a simple job for everyone

Do you need to call an expert for a peephole installation? You may think it is not necessary. It looks very easy to install a peephole. A peephole is small but installing it is not a simple task. Small things usually need high precision. If you call an unskilled person to install a peephole on your door, you will find that the peephole will look odd. It may be badly positioned and look awkward. You can trust experienced people like Rey Bros Locks Miami to make your peepholes perfect. Peepholes should also serve their purpose. We will ensure this through proper installation.

Want to remove broken keys? Do it without breaking the lock!

There are times when a key breaks when it is inserted in a lock and turned. This may happen because of the wear and tear of the key. This may also happen if a wrong key is inserted and force is used to take it out after it gets stuck. The broken part gets stuck inside the lock. How to remove broken keys without damaging the locks is the question. This job requires skill. Clumsy attempts to remove the broken part using some sharp tool will result in the lock getting broken. To get this job done safely, call Rey Bros Locks Miami.


Make your security systems work for you

A security system is a sophisticated way of making your homes or offices securre. When you invest in a security system, you are paying for long term protection. Security systems will serve you well only when you understand them and their requirements. Like any system, a security system should be put in place only after proper planning and after analyzing your requirements. Rey Bros Locks Miami is a company that has helped a lot of people in installing and maintaining their security systems. Get our expert services for getting the best out of your security systems. We will make your security systems perfect.

Vehicle locks – Leave their problems to us

Are vehicle locks different from other locks? Yes, they are. First of all, they are used much more than other locks. They are operated several times a day. Therefore, they are subject to more wear and tear. Secondly, they are often handled roughly. You may not be the only person handling your vehicles. Some who travel in your vehicles will slam the doors when they get in or alight from the vehicles. You will be safe entrusting the maintenance of your vehicle locks with Rey Bros Locks Miami, who will pay special attention in taking care of your vehicle locks. Call us at 305-901-6262.

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